I like to code

I'm @javierbyte on github.


1,985 - 159
Convert any image to pure CSS.


1,260 - 43
Find the visual center of your images.
Experiment to alter the cursor behavior.
Tool that creates cohesive color schemes.


340 - 43
React component for blurred backgrounds.


225 - 16
Doc scraper and ebook generator / library.


152 - 53
Javascript AI battle game.
Time Machine-like UI for your git pages.
Text gradients with CSS with SVG fallback.
React component for fancy number transitions.


50 - 5
Create image morphing animations with css!
Select dropdown over text React component.

I like to design

I'm @javierbyte on dribbble.

I like to read

I'm @javierbyte on goodreads.

I like to take pictures

I'm @javierbyte on instagram.

Flotando. El sábado tomé fotos con @pawabe y fue mucho más divertido de lo que pensé 🙌, hizo todo muy fácil para mi primera sesión.
El Ángel
Comida de abuela.

I'm Javier Bórquez

Software Engineer based in Guadalajara, México. Part of Skycatch AI Team. I like math, design and tech, and found in software development the perfect balance.

I want to become stronger.
Javier Bórquez