Javier Bórquez
Software Engineer with a Passion for Design.
I like to code. Find me as @javierbyte on github.
Convert any image to pure CSS.
Find the visual center of your images.
Experiment to alter the cursor behavior.
Tool that creates cohesive color schemes.
React component to blur image backgrounds.
Doc scraper and ebook generator / library.
Javascript AI battle game. Create your own battleship.
Time Machine-like history view for your git pages.
Text gradients with CSS with SVG fallback.
React component for fancy number transitions.
Create image morphing animations with css!
Select dropdown over text React component.
I like to design. Find me as @javierbyte on dribbble.
Crypto Tracker UI
A crypto tracker UI that I made to demo some components that I'm making.
Website for https://carbon.ai/ that I designed and implemented.
Cohesive Colors v0.2
iOS app version of Cohesive Colors, a tool that may help you to create cohesive color schemes.
Hidden Messages
Hidden Messages is a social network where people save and have to find messages saved on space. Radar view, Developer Week Hackathon 2018.
Chatbot Flow Editor
Designed and implemented this Chatbow flow editor, helps people to document and share processes.
Website Builder UI
Real time website builder made of blocks I made with Vue.
React Text Gradient Landing Page
Made a `text-gradient` react componente and designed this website for it.
New personal autoupdated portfolio!
New personal portfolio is live!
Made a tool to scrape documentation and generate ebooks! Also made this homepage for it.
I like to read. Find me as @javierbyte on goodreads.
The Laws of Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life — John Maeda, currently-reading.
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE — Phil Knight, currently-reading.
How to Win Friends and Influence People — Dale Carnegie, read.
Hear the Wind Sing — Haruki Murakami, read.
1Q84 — Haruki Murakami, read.
I'm Javier Bórquez
Software Developer based in Berlin, Germany. Currently part of Babbel Product Design team, past Carbon Robotics, Skycatch and VoxFeed, and doing fun things at Niño Rico.
From México. I like math, design, technology, and found in software development the perfect balance.
I want to become stronger.
Javier Bórquez
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